The Emperor

"The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule." - Samuel Adams

The Emperor teaches us the meaning of power and how we can use it, not only in the world but within ourselves. This is the card of self-empowerment, taking charge of yourself and learning to balance all the aspects that are within you. Learning to experience the subtle balance between the head and the heart is very vital to our existence.

The Emperor reminds us of our Fathers or even our Mothers, the power of their presence in our lives and how they may have influenced us in our daily life, and how we often emulate in our lives the Sacred Paternal path of our walk.

The Emperor is a stable and fixed force. Everything is possible as long as we stay focused on your choices. We are in control all the time, and this is the powerhouse of will and principle, stable and fixed. You are the master of your actions.

This is also where the laws of cause and effect come in. When you have accepted responsibility for your actions, you have the freedom to arrange your life in the way you have set your plans in motion.

Examine your own sacred masculine presence. We all have the sacred union of masculine and feminine qualities within us. We all strive to be balanced individuals. As we go through life, we are in the process of achieving more of this balance when we have acquired the many aspects of our Self as a Divine human being.

Enjoy independence, act in freedom; this is the capacity to actually achieve something. If you focus your energy and willpower, you can move mountains. You are a formidable force when you act out of your own self, when you have taken the responsibility for who you are.

The key to success is a pioneering spirit. You have the heart of understanding when you believe in yourself; you are on your path for a reason. Work on believing in yourself and trusting that you are worthy of these many gifts.

The Emperor is also depicted as the leader, someone who makes the plans and takes the initiative to succeed or to achieve the impossible dreams. You have this magical pioneering spirit already within you and you can walk this path with nothing holding you back, except fear.

I dare you to stand your ground, invent yourself be the change you want to see in your life. Remember there is only now, and know that you have the self-awareness and the strength to do this.

When you are out of balance: Be guarded in your thoughts and mind that you do not let the balance get tipped over from the stable and secure to the unstable and selfish megalomania.

Medicine: Acknowledge your own leadership and presence of where you need to go, balance yourself in your thoughts, heart and the ability to put this to action; you are the change you want to see. Love freely but be aware of your inner strength; you are alone responsible for your life.

Mantra: I am protected and guided.