The Devil

The Devil may conjure up the thought of a very evil character in our lives. Sometimes this is so.

However, the Devil can also represent a part of one's own self. Perhaps we are being unkind to our self. We may be scolding our self or judging our self coldly when compassion is needed. We may be making ourselves miserable.

We will feel more deeply trapped as time goes on if we continue in the same direction.

There are many types of prisons. All prisons have something in common. You can be released from them!

Prisons can be mental, emotional, physical, relational or situational. We may need to remove ourselves from a career or personal situation. Or we may need to remove a habit of thinking, behaving, or interacting from our own repertoire.

If we are involved in a repetitive circumstance, habit, involvement, etc. that is causing misery, time to look at what is holding us there.

Is it the fear of being alone, fear related to money, or fear of criticism? These fears can be lovingly embraced. Simultaneously, a more rewarding plan can be generated to create secure feelings instead.

Is it a health issue? Are you trapped by others? Have you forgotten that you have options?

Even in the worst of prisons where you are locked in by others or ill fate, you can ask for the intervention of the light. You look for baby steps needed to start moving you out of the trap. If there is absolutely no way of removing the trap at this time, you can begin the journey to find peace in the middle of challenge.

We might be trapped from judgments about ourselves. If we imagine watching the movie of our life as an impartial observer, what happens? If we give love to the unbearable feelings that surround with this situation what shifts? If we assure ourselves that we love ourselves, what changes?

There is no judgment of your innate worth with this card. There is a reminder that something significant beckons to be changed. It could even be a germ stuck in your body, or a criticism you have toward a loved one repeating in your mind.

If you deny your path, you are denying the extent of disharmony that is infiltrating your life. You are likely turning to distraction and addiction which only cause more problems over time. You may be giving your power over to others, stale experiences, or contracted philosophies.

Consider the Devil card an opportunity to turn things around. Turned around, d-e-v-i-l spells lived. The opportunity for a life well-lived is available. Time to figure out how to get back to it.


What needs to be changed?

What must I do to change it?

Is asking for help from a higher source something I am willing to do?

Is asking for help from other people and professionals something I am willing to do?


Ask your heart what it is that you most deeply desire. Are you sure? Ask a few times until you get to the very bottom of it.