The Chariot

Finally, some long-awaited progress is on its way to you. The Chariot brings news that victory and success are just around the corner.

You may have many goals in mind, a lot of things on your plate, or perhaps you've even been considering a trip!

This card is a good sign that you will be moving forward very soon since it is an indicator of both personal progression and actual physical travel.

In order to move forward in any fashion, remember to keep both your eyes and mind open for the opportunities around you. Without outward action, nothing will be accomplished!

The spirit of The Chariot is victorious and fast-paced. This card's presence can show that your life could be moving very quickly or perhaps things are about to start taking off for you.

It represents confidence, drive, vitality and the positive traits of the ego. Confidence and willpower have gotten you this far; remember to take that sense of confidence and composure with you as you move forward in life.

The Chariot reflects that you are responsible for your own life. You sit at the driver's seat of your own chariot. To be a driver of such a powerful vehicle, you need self-mastery, discipline, and grit. Be the master of your emotions and the driver of your thoughts. You will find that you can steer your life in any direction that you want!

On a physical level, this card represents movement, travel, vehicles and transportation. It is a good omen that travel is in your future. If you have been taking travel under consideration, or planning on moving house, this card is a good sign that things will soon be in alignment for you.

The Chariot heralds success and victory and indicates you are on the proper road to success. Remember to be assertive, confident and take control of the reins.