The Chariot

The Chariot is the archetype of movement, progress, victory, and the obliteration of obstacles. House moves, triumph over a difficult situation, a lover making haste their exit, progress in business dealings, and success in personal ventures are all possibilities. The Chariot is also a card which symbolises inner conflicts which are difficult to resolve and it often appears when the querent is in an emotional tug of war with another and no one is willing to concede defeat or reconsider their stance.

The Chariot is numbered 7 which is considered in some cultures to be a lucky number, hence the "777" games seen at casinos. It is also a number which is associated with movement, a state of change, and possible transitions. One can thus deduce from this that the Chariot indicates that the querent is at a pivotal point in their life where change and moving onto a new path is highly likely.

The astrological association with the Chariot is the sign of Cancer which rules the home, maternity, emotions, self protection, and family heritage. The appearance of the Chariot card indicates that conflicts pertaining to these issues may be relevant.

In the Rider Waite deck a charioteer is depicted at the helm of his vehicle commanding two sphinxes, one black and one white, which are powering the chariot. The black and white colours are symbolic of the unconscious (black) and conscious (white) mind and the tension which exists between them. The charioteer's task is to bring them into harmony and cooperation. In this way the Chariot card is reflective of the battle between the heart and the mind, between habit and logic. Historically, the Chariot was used to scatter and terrify an opposing force in battle and if the querent is on the receiving end of this interpretation, they may well be at the mercy of a tyrant who seeks to overwhelm and conquer them.

In a love reading the Chariot is a peculiar card to have appear because it is not associated with partnerships. It is primarily concerned with personal victories, and in this sense it may indicate that a partner has quite an arrogant attitude and is more concerned with their needs than those of others. The Chariot can indicate a social-climbing couple who are quite adept at leveraging one another's public profile for mutual gain. This card can also predict that a romance will develop at a rapid pace and that both parties will be struggling to catch their breath. In terms of feelings, the Chariot is not a positive card as it suggests that a person of interest has their own inner conflicts and ambitions which they are working on, rather than being focused on the future of any potential partnership. It can also represent a partner moving on from a relationship and not looking back.

In a work or career reading the Chariot is generally a positive card to receive. It indicates, success, authority, progress, change and being in control. The only caveat is that one must be conscious not to unjustly trample others in their pursuit of glory. The Chariot can also be interpreted, quite literally, that there will be a change of job or career or that a career in transportation will be offered.

Timing: Timing is dependent on card position within a spread but the period governing Cancer may be pertinent.

Major Arcana: Card 7

Planetary Influence: Cancer, 4th house of astrological wheel

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Positive Aspects: house move, victory, success, progress, authority, control, raised public profile, leadership, competitive couple

Negative Aspects: tyrannical behaviour, selfishness, arrogance, a love interest moving on, emotional conflicts, unbalanced mind