The Chariot

When we think of a Chariot we might expect an outside challenge. Instead, consider the Chariot to be a pointer, letting you know that an inner opportunity is at play. If the inner obstacle is taken on with love, the outer outcome can be liberating.

If an outer non-preferred experience is in process with others in your life, there is inner work to do. This is not meant to dismiss the outside tasks. Do the inner work so that the outer tasks will be a lot easier to understand. If life is flowing along well, enjoy! Remember that this card can be used for a variety of reasons.

The Chariot is used for a journey that is powerfully pointed toward a positive ending. If you do the work, taking on the twists and turns, you can land in serene and most-desired grounds.

Celebrate all the good of now. Adjust anything that requires attention.

It is important to understand that doing inner work will allow the work of the Universe to be clear and swift, majestic and strong. If you try to use only your own physical or mental power to make something happen, it will backfire. The universe has wisdom and gifts for you that will arrive when you open your heart, surrender to a benevolent magic far greater than your own willpower!

A Chariot carries your life experience to a new place. As you have not been there before, you can't design it alone. In order to receive the miracles waiting for you, you must allow the Chariot, i.e. life's benevolent magic, to carry you.

This does not mean that you should abandon criteria. Let life know your specifications for any gift you are willing to accept. Let life deliver a gift that honors your criteria but is even more wonderful than you imagined.

The Chariot is a magic carpet which will escort you to wondrous places beyond your wildest imagination. In trust, and clear criteria for your intentions, the Chariot can make your dreams come true.

Are you identifying the inner conflict when outer conflict is evident? Look inside to see that relationship between your inside challenges and circumstances of your life.

Or if all is well, celebrate the relationship you have with both yourself and with life!

Are there different forces opposing each other inside yourself? Are people responding to beliefs you have about yourself privately? Is it time to make changes with thoughts you think about yourself or life in general? Are you willing to make a practice of thinking new, more affirming thoughts?

Or if you are feeling supported and helped, give thanks! Thank yourself, life, and others.

When you grip the reins too tightly, you are over-managing external circumstances. If you attend to your inner challenges, life can carry you forward easily.

Your wishes have become way too small for what is available to you, for what you can give and receive. Relax your grip. Make bigger intentions for yourself. This allows life to clear up the present circumstances and to better provide for you.

If you picked the chariot, either you are very open to all the gifts life has for you or you are able to receive far more than you have previously.


Are my external difficulties related to a belief that can now be released?

Can I bring in a new positive belief to replace the old one?


Let your mind and heart drift into dreams of all good you experience and also something far better. Let go of the reins while dreaming. Let the dream come to you.