You have had a lot on your plate and may have found yourself juggling many different aspects of life lately. It's time to reestablish your balance so that your life can begin to flow with ease again. Reach a compromise within yourself and find the middle ground to establish your new footing.

Balance is needed in both your personal and business affairs at this time. Don't allow the two to remain in competition any longer.

To be temperate means to show moderation and self-restraint. Now is not the time for extreme reactions, rash decisions or anything of an excess nature.

What areas in your life could use some more moderation? Are you taking good care of your physical body? Are you giving yourself enough rest? Moderation and mindfulness are key to health and wellness.

Harness both your emotional and intellectual qualities to define what your personal inner peace feels like.

Despite the outside influences and chaos in the outer world, it is still possible for you to experience peace and clarity. With practice and willpower the chaotic conditions outside do not need to knock you off your balance any longer.

Harmony is possible when you take time to moderate the material and spiritual aspects of life. Compromise and cooperation are vital for you right now.

Temperance symbolizes the path of spiritual assent and alchemy; we learn this dance of balance by tempering or mixing together solutions from the past, our intuition, and suggestions from others.

With the right mixture of self-restraint, moderation and willpower, you will have the ability to live and work in harmony, opening you to a great flow of abundance and success.