Temperance is sometimes misunderstood as meaning abstinence from pleasures. Temperance is actually balance.

By balancing work with play, restraint with spontaneity, discernment with open-hearted trust, we walk the middle road. Our life endeavors go well.

Balancing is a matter of understanding what serves us, what is too much and what is too little. Eating sweets in moderation adds enjoyment; eating too much causes poor health.

Underworking and overworking can both be detrimental to our family life, physical life, and mental life. Finding a balance that serves our heart as well as the hearts of those we love, leads to deep nourishment.

When we have deep wounds, and consequently do not understand how to experience fulfillment alone, with a partner, and in groups, we may turn to easier areas of our life to block out pain.

For example, if we are great at work and grew up in a dysfunctional family, we may work extra hard while ignoring our family. Or if we grew up in a healthy family but have a learning disability, we may avoid work to avoid frustration while being great with our kids and spouse.

There is no right or wrong way that fits everyone. Each person is designed for different purposes, balances, and contributions. Finding balance is unique in each life.

Is your time spent in ways that nourish you, those you love, and the society? Or is part of your time spent in activity or thought that causes pain or weakening for self and others? The Temperance card asks us to look at balance, not in order to measure our worth but in order to improve our life!

When you are off-balance, habits leading to pain, illness, and sorrow are taking your energy. You may be misusing a habit too. For example, if you are using your charm to manipulate instead of to serve, time to get some healing help.

The card is non-judgmental, reminding us to seek new balance. At one period in my life when I was being secretly overcritical of others, I picked the Temperance card again and again. As I learned to note all aspects of others with compassion, I completed my need to keep picking the card.


Are my habits giving me a feeling of ease and strength?

Is it time to let a habit go?

Can the depleting habit be substituted with another positive habit?

Do I need help from the light or another to give up my non-productive habit? Am I willing to ask for this?


Find and focus on the feeling of balance and ease inside your body. Some place in your body this exists, even if other challenges co-exist. Find the place in your body that vibrates with balance.