Now is not the time to lose your head and make hasty decisions, rather it is the time to sit back and patiently study what is going on around you, before you take any actions or come to any decisions.

You could be faced with compromises concerning something in your life.

This may be your work, relationship or just something that you have felt held back on.

For you to get around this there is the need for you to see the other person's point of view and not push your own thoughts, emotions and views forward in a way that is seen as intense.

Others are entitled to their views as you are entitled to your views. It is when either party feels as if they are forced to take on the views and beliefs of the other that trouble starts. Temperance is a card of compromise.

If your question is regarding a relationship, you will do well to keep in mind that Temperance serves as a way to have patience when faced with something you are not happy with. It also shows us that we do not need to rush into a relationship and take on the other person's beliefs, wants and agenda, as we have the right to our own thoughts.

The beauty of this card is that by learning to be patient and control your need to push forward in a situation, even when you know that your inaction is frustrating, you are learning self control. This self control will serve you to reach a balanced conclusion in the end.