Additional deck interpretation:

Strength points you towards a path of balance, willpower, and self-knowledge as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the inner-power level on your continuous cycle of change.

You might use your courage and inner strength to face something unpleasant, or face your fears and not let your fears devour you, or you might need to have a face-to-face with someone who thought they could push you around.

You might get burned or scratched a few times when you face something unpleasant, but the important message of the Strength card is not to give up, keep going until you succeed. Did you know that Strength is associated with power and personal achievements?

There are times in life when everyone faces the kind of fear that can paralyze. Whatever your situation, fear of failure prevents you from succeeding and isolates you from the world. You walk a path bounded on both sides by the abyss of fear, a fear you must confront with courage in order to solve your issues.

It is much easier to procrastinate and live with the "Someday I'll…" philosophy. Though this philosophy may be easier to live with, it's not the answer. Stand up to your obstacles and address them. You will find the people you fear have half the strength you think they have.

Numerical Number 8: This number is related to using your power to make changes to achieve your personal goals. This is the time when you will see the bigger picture because you have the courage to ride the wave to success, or you will pull away and find a new wave to ride to be successful.

The Element of Fire: Strength is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo (the leader who cannot be led by others). Leo is ruled by the Sun (your personal power).

Probable Outcome: Your inner strength is stronger than your outer strength. You are in control of your fears and the surrounding environment.

Fear does not control you because you found the courage to face something unpleasant. You are brave, self-disciplined, able to face the beast that roars at you and you are in control of your personal impulses.

Possible Outcome: You might doubt yourself, or your fears might be getting the best of you, or you are not in control of your environment - the environment controls you.

Then again, you might not be able to channel Strength's energies into your life. If this is the case, then you might be abusing your power to feel safe, or you are not in control of your impulses, or perhaps you are unwilling to deal with something you should be dealing with and need more time.

Timing: Strength predicts that an important event may occur within the next 30 days.