Strength often bears an image of muscle, strong arms, and toughness.

While the meaning of The Strength card can indeed factor in physical strength and determination, it also represents our inner strength.

Inner strength comes from a strong spirit, and a balanced mind. Perseverance, courage, hope and an unshakable spirit are qualities that come to mind when one gathers their inner strength.

Without being properly tended, a fire can rage out of control, doing more harm than good. The Strength card represents gently harnessing misdirected energy, and directing it to where you need it. It is a representation of self-control, willpower, and self-mastery.

How much of yourself, habits, and traits are you tending? Is there wasted energy that could instead be harnessed into something positive for your life?

If you are currently fighting an uphill battle in life, remember to be gentle with yourself and others.

Patience, forgiveness and understanding can go a long way when it comes to overcoming life's battles, both within your personal life and your social life. Have the strength to say no, to listen to your instincts, or to take a step back.

Strength reminds you to be a pillar of strength for yourself and others. It is unmoving, unshakable and sturdy. Take time out of your day to ground yourself and feel secure within yourself. When you are grounded and balanced, your life will soon reflect that harmony.

The Strength Card appears when its qualities are most needed in life. Like a call to action, this card reminds you to practice and develop all of its traits.

It is also a gentle reminder to you that you are stronger than you think. You have the qualities and strength that are needed at this time.