Strength represents the eternal spirit, an ability to overcome all obstacles. It represents holding the world effortlessly with a smile on your face and reminds you of not only your physical strength, but more importantly, your inner strength.

Today you have the courage and conviction to create the world as you choose and the fortitude to hold it with determination and zeal. As obstacles get placed in your path, you easily overcome them, because you know that everything you need is within yourself.

Your inner strength is your connection to the Divine. It is your connection to it ALL. Remember that your energy and your actions determine your reality. When you remember that all things are possible, your trust in your strength grows and you begin to move through your life with "effortless effort". You walk around your day with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, because you know you have what it takes. Use your power with love, not force, and enjoy every part of the process.

Building strength from the inside out takes practice and resolution. The ability to remain at peace takes a lot of strength. You are a mountain, grounded, rooted, and unshakable! Allow yourself to remember today that you have the strength and the power to do everything you want.

There are no limitations to what you can accomplish - the possibilities are endless. As you move through your day, be aware of your strength. Recognize your might, your vigor, and smile; you are a spiritual warrior and that which you are seeking is seeking you as well. It all comes to you easily!

Another aspect of this card is to help you remember to be flexible and fluid. It takes great strength to go with the flow, to let go and trust the universe to take you where you wish to go. To embrace the unknown takes innate abilities that most of us forget we have. But not you, not today.

Today you remember to move with the flow, not resist it. Jump and have the strength to know that the universe will indeed catch you!

Today's Meditation:

Step inside your sacred space. Soften and relax. Set a timer if you like. Slow down and deepen your breath, feel the vibration that you are made of. Invite stillness in.

Silently or out loud repeat the words: "I am ready and willing to give and receive love. Love has no bounds, it is limitless, and so am I."

When you are ready release this mantra and just be love, free, and blissfully you!

You are a star, shine bright, get big, and have fun!