When I pull the Strength card, it means a couple of things to me. First, and obvious, the focus is on cultivating strength and confidence. Second, and less obvious, the focus is on showing some self-restraint.

As for self-restraint, usually this comes up when someone is in need of playing it a little cool with someone else, whether that be a partner, a family member, a coworker. Perhaps you are fighting, perhaps you are super eager to be with someone. This card is saying, "dial it back a bit".

As for the other, it's easy to lose your compass a bit when it comes to strength and confidence, especially if you are trying new things. Or, especially if you are in limbo BEFORE doing something new, or going after a partner, or dealing with an illness, or other dire circumstances, or going through a drastic change.

Being strong and/or confident, mind you, involves a lot of vulnerability with yourself at first. True strength comes with being honest with your circumstances, no matter what they are, and being okay with who you are in that moment, and okay that you are a human being in process who doesn't need to be perfect.

Everyone is in process, even the most successful people. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is lying to you and themselves, and most likely compensating for something they are lacking. Typically those are the people who let their ego get in the way of everything they do.

The more you try to cultivate your love for yourself, no matter what, the more you are building a great foundation for yourself at all times. When you stake your confidence in situations or people, when those situations or people aren't there, you feel lost again.

When you don't outsource your stability to others you won't feel like you need those support systems to feel better; they will just be an added bonus, and you will be standing tall on your own.

Do what authentically matters to you. Own it. And if you are too tired to tackle what authentically matters to you, be okay with it.

Take things one step at a time. This allows you the ability as well to go out of your comfort zones, knowing you'll survive on the other side of them.

Also know, you have what it takes.