When we hear the word 'strength' we may conjure up an image of big muscles. However, we understand that strength is far more than physical stamina and prowess alone. Life requires strong character when times are rough.

A strong character finds resources to help any challenged situation and takes what is good and makes it grand! It gets stronger in harsh times and expands in easy times. It finds balance in receiving and giving to actualize all it can in this world.

When disappointments, hurts, and betrayals occur, it is easy to become cynical and weakened. A strong character finds inner and outer resources to address whatever happens. With a strong character, we come out ahead every single time.

Strength requires patience, which comes with this card too.

When you pick this card, you are using resources well. You are carving out realities that benefit you as much in the carving as in the final outcomes. You are continuously utilizing all life brings to your benefit, thus to the benefit of others. This makes you vibrant and well inside your heart.

With Strength you can take all of life's events non-personally. Preferred events encourage you to stay true to your deepest soul purpose. Non-preferred events are received as recyclable energy. You turn seemingly negative experiences into something good.

When you apply Strength to one area of your life, you gain more confidence in other areas. While you may excel in some aspects of living and feel less developed in others, your capacity to use Strength continuously builds more wisdom and success.

Are you good with utilizing pleasing and non-pleasing occurrences to your benefit? Are you good with sharing your rewards with others? This is Strength. It does not come free of charge. Your choices and work-play have earned you the Strength you now draw on.

If you chose to view Strength as only a physical attribute, you are not honoring your capacity to develop your inner Strength, to overcome mental and emotional adversity. You are shrinking from, fleeing from, or fighting against circumstances instead of seeking happier possibilities.

When you are looking for the lesson and the opportunity in your situations, Strength is being well used.


How can I create a winning situation out of a losing one?

How can I add to the winning situation already in motion for deeper benefit?


Feel the positive goodness that is available with any variables. Dwell on Strength's innate goodness and power to effect good.