Fairness, harmony and truth prevail as Justice ushers in a time for truth and honesty. Now is the time to be open and honest with yourself and others.

Representing the Laws of the Universe, Justice is a reminder that all things are connected and balance must be our focus. What areas in life need your attention to help you achieve better balance and harmony? Are you treating yourself and others with fairness and honesty?

Any feelings of loss or injustice that you've been experiencing will soon be balanced out by coming waves of peace. Your problems are being worked out in the exact way they are meant to be resolved. Remove any self-blame and try to see your situation through a fresh pair of eyes.

Trust in the Universal Laws that all things are working out as they should, and that the fairest outcome is being created. Remember that what you put out will come back to you, so keep your thoughts free from worry.

Step into the peaceful future that awaits you. Rest assured that your problems are being handled for the highest good of all.

A big decision or opportunity may be coming your way. Try to remain objective and don't pass judgement too quickly upon its arrival. Take time to observe all the facts and details and remain reasonable and objective in your perception.

You will soon find yourself experiencing a new sense of balance in your home life or work life. Balance within personal life and work can be hard to achieve, so take advantage of this harmonious time to form some good habits.

Ensure that you are giving both parts of your life as much attention and energy as needed.