Justice, the 11th card in the Major Arcana, represents equilibrium, balance, connection to everyone and everything, and fairness. This card speaks to Divine justice, a balance between your inner self and your outer self, a balance with everything.

Justice is a card that calls to the pros and cons of the situation and determines the middle ground, a ground where the path unfolds for the greatest good of all.

Proper balance, just rewards, good intentions, and harmony are the words that this card calls forth. Can you feel the balance within yourself, in your life, with your relationships? If so, this card is reminding you to be aware of the balance, to be mindful and keep the balance intact. If not, this card is requiring that you step back, find stillness and restore the balance.

Justice may also represent a choice or decision you must make. It reminds you to make a list of the pros and cons. You are standing in a door, trying to decide if you should walk through, if it is in your best interest. Look deep inside and find the truth. This is a time to not only be open to what the universe provides but to be very clear about what you truly want.

It is very possible that right now something is showing up in your life that you asked for and it does not look the way you thought it would. This situation or person that has appeared may be causing you confusion. Justice reminds you to ask for clarity of judgment, to look deep and assess what your motives are. This is a card of action, so listen to your intuition and move in the direction of your heart.

Fear will be a big factor right now, your ego telling you one thing based on your fear and your heart telling you something else based in love. Let go of the fear, follow the love; it will not lead you astray. Take time to find stillness, meditate and let the answers come from within. Your Divine connection will guide you. Allow yourself to trust and follow the guidance.

Balance is being called for. Tune into your inner voice and temper it with your reality in this world. You are moving to a higher vibration and right now it is very import for you to remain focused on what it is you want to create. The choices you make now are laying the foundation - be mindful and intentional.

Another aspect of this card regards the legalities of your life. If there is a courtroom in your future, this card assures you that justice will be served, and a decision in your favor is likely. All areas of finance seem to be coming into balance and even if it does not feel like it right now, trust that it will be very soon. You will no longer need to worry about money.

This card reminds you to keep or bring meditation into your life. Meditation is the key to your balance, to your harmony, to your life. Find time every day to connect to your inner self. To listen, and to be still. This connection is where you will find your answers to everything.

Today's Meditation:

Step into a quiet, sacred space, sit or lay comfortably, relax your body, soften your skin. Breathe slowly and deeply and silently to yourself say the words "SO Hum".

On your inhale say SO and on your exhale say Hum. Try this for ten to twenty minutes when you wake in the morning or before you go to sleep - or both if you want to have some real fun! Do this for a week and see what there is to see.

In Sanskrit, SO Hum means "I Am"! I AM one with all and with myself. Find the balance within and remember that everything you need, EVERYTHING, you already have inside of you!