While some of us were taught that the courts, the humans, or short-term life is fair, these ideas ultimately prove disillusioning.

However, life can bring fairness in due time.

Whether your life has been easy, full of hardship, or both, eventually Justice is found. Though modern thought equates it with reward or punishment, originally Justice pointed to truth discovered.

In time, your good actions and your errors both lead you to positive understanding, which in turn leads you to liberation and good. Good focuses create good. Disharmonic focus creates disharmonies that lead you to seek a way to return to harmony. Imperfection is natural on Earth, part of Earth's schooling.

Release modern notions of punishment and favor. Think on oneness instead. Give thanks while trusting improvements will naturally occur. As we clarify our intentions, the energy of consciousness becomes physical reality. This happens over time so patience is also valuable.

When you are in a series of experiences that seem unfair, trust that your replies of good will pave the way to resolution. When wondering if negativity in your love life, finances, or health is related to a negative pattern of thought or action, ask for forgiveness, support, help, blessings, new harmony and compassion.

Consider yourself a child who did not know how to use the maps of life for the good of everyone. Ask that keys of understanding now redirect you.

If others' negativity pulls you down and drains you of your natural resources, you may need to end relations with specific people. Practicing positivity while involving yourself with others' negativity, disrupts you. While releasing a relationship can cause disappointment, it ultimately serves the greater good of both parties.

This card is not an invitation to blame or scold yourself, ever! It is a time to be happy for all good that comes your way. It is a reminder to trust that anything unpleasant can pass, replaced with something better.

If you have rejected your path to Justice, you are heading toward pain and disruption. Time to turn around. Ask for forgiveness. You are forgiven. Take responsibility for negative thoughts. Exchange these thought practices for more positive ones. Ask for clarity and redirection. Keep your mind and heart open. Help and support shall come.

During challenging times, ask life to guide you into cleaner and clearer practices. You may have missed some ways that you can help to alter your own circumstances by changing previously unnoticed cycles.

Are you worried about a fleeting situation? Are you feeling life is unfair? Are you trusting that all will be well? Find the knowing deep inside that all is well now. Give thanks while trusting improvements will naturally occur. If you are already doing this, celebrate happily for the support life continuously gives! Pat yourself on the shoulder for doing a good job.


What am I thinking and doing that creates good for self and others?

What am I thinking and doing that can be exchanged for better practices for the good of all involved?

Am I willing to ask for redirection and forgiveness in exchange for any blind spots?

Can I trust the requested redirection will come to me when I practice openness and patience?


Find the place inside you that knows good can come again and again with time, adjustments, and trust. Dwell in this generative place.