“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind." - Shannon L. Alder

Justice delivers the truth in many forms, even if it is a straight line that you mistook for a crooked one. Sometimes we are imprisoned by our own convictions.

Justice is also a point of adding just cause or adjustment in our lives.

We go through a period of adjustment where change reflects one of the deeper nature - the constant self-assessment of our own soul paths and balancing what we believe in opposition to what we want to go through to get there.

If we stop assessing ourselves, the natural flow of our creativity can stagnate; everything creative stops. When Creativity is blocked for any length of time, it feels harder. Some aspects or dramas are difficult to resolve and we feel that we have failed ourselves in some way.

In truth, without any type of self-assessment, one is unable to see all the amazing achievements of what life has to offer. You miss many spiritual achievements and hidden gifts, without noticing what mattered. You slowly become more and more out of balance, and before you know it, you feel stuck, don't know where you are going, and don't have the foresight that you started with. Stagnation.

Justice shows that we need to not only look for what we feel is a justice to the situation that we find ourselves in, but that we take stock of what we have achieved. Do the same plans still work for us? Have you checked all the boxes in accordance to your life?

Reinvent your life by starting up a spiritual spring cleaning and be realistic in clearing out all the old beliefs. Clearing out the old beliefs will assist you to release old impressions about yourself. Transmute or release what works and discard what does not. You will notice what once has had a profound impact in the past, will dull in comparison to current issues or even highlight certain impacts or choices that you may have been experiencing now. Bring things to the surface and deal with them.

Practice forgiveness of yourself. Breathe in and let it go, clear your heart with no judgment but use objective scrutiny to let go and release all that does not support you anymore. Take responsibility for yourself and embrace your sovereign right to claim your heart.

Justice does not only apply to the balance in the legal aspects that we go through, but a justification for the striving of internal direction and striving for balance. By striving for the internal adjustment towards a justified balance, we also embrace our hearts and the center of creativity and in this we let others around us feel this heart energy of creativity. A mental shift towards inner peace is felt compassionately by everyone.

Justice is often depicted as a feminine archetypal impression and this indicates a relation towards the Soul as the sacred feminine principal within everyone. This feminine principal is inherent as a caring aspect and it requires a feminine oversight and to use a more subtle reasoning as opposed to a more forceful masculine principal point of view.

Justice brings to question any possible imbalances and aspects of adjustment to consider all relevant experiences about the life situation since perceptions and assumptions can often cloud your judgment. We often make mistakes when we think we understand something, but we have not really slowed down to consider all the involved aspects.

Set the future now by working through the imbalances. Take care to observe where you feel the adjustment is needed with reference to your past or present. The future is what you make as an ongoing process. Justice is also connected to a timeline that you will have to go through while you are learning to do the mental clearing.

Seeking fairness and equality in your external realities will often come up while this universal adjustment takes place.

One should strive to seek balance, fairness and equality for oneself as the inner qualities that reflect into your outer world greatly, and lends to the micro cosmic reflection of the macro cosmos, the world we live in.

Justice takes shape in your heart and allows you to creatively express how you feel about the situation, though in some cases you may also be dealing with a literal sense of some kind of legalities or legal matters. Start working on this balance within your Higher Self now.

When you feel out of balance within yourself, you have obscured ideas about your outer world or your immediate environment. Your judgment is clouded and you lose a sense of the reality of the situation.

Medicine: Stay in Present time by focusing on the current situations that you are going through. Be loving towards yourself even when you have made mistakes. You are meant to experience everything in the present moment which allows you to connect more fully to the moment of creativity

Mantra: I am whole.