The Judgement card signifies the transition from a period of ignorance to one of enlightenment and heightened awareness. Common interpretations include: a pivotal crossroads in life, an event which can forever change one's life trajectory, and the need for cautious action.

Because Judgement is associated with the state of transition, it indicates that relationships can either become more serious or end, that jobs can result in promotion or redundancy. It is a card which indicates "final outcomes" and the point of "no return".

When Judgement appears, a set of circumstances which will thoroughly uproot the querent's understanding of their current life will occur and lead them to their highest calling. This card is often associated with spiritual awakenings and the emotional upheaval which accompanies it. The wheels of fate are in motion when Judgement appears, and unlike other cards in the Major Arcana which represent fate subject to free will, Judgement represents an occurrence which is mostly out of the control of the querent. It is not unusual for this card to make an appearance if the querent has been "sleep-walking" through their life and has been blind to the errors of their ways.

The planet Pluto is associated with the Judgement card and the forces allied with Pluto are that of death, transformation, and the need to create an absolutely new existence. Judgement is number 20 in the Major Arcana and fuses the power of the digits 2 and 0. In numerology, the number 2 is concerned with decisions and partnerships and the number 0 symbolises the opportunity to create an entirely new path. Thus we can deduce that the querent will be presented with a transitional period where choices will be made by them, or for them, which can ultimately result in the creation another path which will lead to an entirely new life.

In the Rider Waite deck several corpses are shown emerging from their tombs. They have heard the call of the heavens represented by the angel blowing the trumpet, and no longer can they rest in perpetual slumber. This imagery reflects that whatever befalls the querent, they themselves on a personal level will be forever changed because of a new awareness. The comforts of ignorance will be ripped away from them and this cataclysmic awakening was in some way "preordained". Occasionally Judgement can be interpreted very literally as the querent being subject to the judgement of others or that they themselves are extremely critical. It can also represent an individual being held to account for their transgressions, or good deeds, and like the corpses shown in the Rider Waite deck, they are metaphorically naked, vulnerable, and at the mercy of divine will.

In a love reading Judgement is a fairly neutral card when interpreted individually. It can represent that your partnership is part of the greater divine plan and will lead you to your destiny. Judgement very much indicates a "tipping point" in a connection, where a couple will either suddenly realise that they are fated to be with one another or that their connection is clearly not working, and that they have long been blind to this. Occasionally it can symbolise that one person will trigger a spiritual awakening in the other, and that together they will embark on a journey of metaphysical discovery.

If a person of interest is currently taken, Judgement can signify that an unforeseen realisation will be thrust upon them, and that they may choose to leave their current partner. In terms of feelings, Judgement can indicate that a person of interest is aware of their sentiments towards you and that this realisation has come upon them quite suddenly and caused quite a shock. Generally speaking, Judgement requires an additional card to provide further clarification in a love reading as to the direction a connection will take. In a negative context, Judgement can reflect the condescending attitude of a partner or potential partner.

In a work or career reading, Judgement can be an extremely positive card as it may represent the querent realising their true calling which is in alignment with their soul purpose. Peculiar synchronicities can occur and it will seem as though the forces of Heaven and Earth have collaborated to bring the querent to their path of divine calling. If you are currently experiencing issues at work, Judgement signifies that you will soon get clarity on how to move forwards and that a sequence of events will result in an unexpected but welcome resolution. Judgement may also indicate a pivotal "make or break moment" where a critical career decision will be made on your behalf.

Timing: Timing is dependent on card placement within a spread but Scorpio season may be pertinent.

Major Arcana: Card 20

Astrological Correspondences: Pluto and the sign of Scorpio, the planet of power, transformation, death and the underworld

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Positive Aspects: spiritual awakening, following your higher purpose, pivotal crossroads, refusing to settle for a mediocre life, revelation of truth, transitions, complete change of life, solutions to problems, personal accountability

Negative Aspects: ignorance, refusal to change, reluctance to see the truth of a situation, refusal to accept accountability