What is it that you have been trying to decide upon and taking your time on doing so?

Often we think we know the answer to what we would want. Yet it is surprising how often when faced with a choice, that we take our time in choosing. It may be that you are weighing the pros and cons of a decision you have to make. However, if you don't make your mind up sooner rather than later, the opportunity may pass you by.

Perhaps you are waiting to hear back about something regarding your work or love life and are feeling impatient whilst waiting. If this is the case then know that the decision has not yet been made, and is still in a state of flux.

The outcome can often be seen in the cards surrounding Judgement, and something you may wish to keep in mind is to not push for a decision. It will come when it is good and ready. If you push too soon for an answer you may miss your chance altogether and find yourself left high and dry when it comes to the answer you were hoping for.

On the other hand if it is a decision you are needing to make, the card of Judgement is a strong card to receive. It indicates that you are pretty much at the end of your decision making process. You will soon be able to put your plans into motion.

Good luck on whatever it is you decide!