A time of transition and rebirth is on it's way to you. You are about to experience a time of great change, and are being asked to leave the past behind you. Renounce your fears of the unknown, embrace the inevitable change that is coming your way.

Remember that death always heralds in new life. This is a rebirth and a second chance for you. A chapter has been completed and it's time to look to the fresh pages that are ahead for you.

Despite it's haunting first impression, Death always leads you on a path toward spiritual rebirth and illumination. There is much to be learned during times of transition and loss. It is here that we face our greatest fear: the fear of the unknown.

When we face our fears we are forced to expand, in ways we never thought possible.

Never a representation of physical death, this card instead reminds you to allow the shadowy parts of yourself to die off so that you may give birth to the new.

Death is not something that happens to us only once. We are in the constant cycle of life-death-life, a continuous cycle that takes place on many levels: the physical, mental and spiritual. There is new growth for you here, but you must first be willing to shed the old.

There is no permanence in Death; it is a transitory state that allows us to grow into somethings stronger than ever before. Release your fears of change and the Unknown and embrace the new chapter ahead.