Death is a very powerful card, a card that speaks to the end of the old worn out ways that no longer serve any purpose.

Today is a day of rebirth and renewal, your movement into a new chapter, into a new paradigm.

Today is a time to let go, let go, let go. Your walls are all coming down in order to clear space, to create a clean slate, to offer you a chance to choose your fate.

Death is here today to release you from the past and allow you to rise from the ashes of the old into the breath of the new. Take a moment to witness the freedom that is in your heart. You have been liberated!

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. In order to really move on, you must close the door on the past. You feel it in your heart; it is time to let go. There may be sadness, there may be grief, but above it all there is freedom. Your heart has called in this new beginning. In order for you to have space to open this new door, you must first close the one behind you.

Take comfort in knowing that what is truly yours will always be a part of you. You are letting go of what no longer serves, what you no longer require on your journey. Let your walls down, become undefended, and trust with all you are in life - trust in the process. Your heart is taking you where you want to go. It is safe for you to let go.

Moving into the unknown can be scary, but holding tight to what you have is far more frightening. You are moving in a direction of your highest good. Everything that is happening is happening for you, not to you. Trust in this change, go with it, do not resist it. Let go of the struggle, give up the fight. You are surrounded by love. Can you feel it? You are surrounded by angels: ask them to help you move with ease, ask them to help you be free. It is time, you are ready.

Take this opportunity to get really clear about what you want. Let go of having to see how it will work or even if it will work and just be totally present to what you truly want to create. You have the power. You are calling for change. Trust in your heart - it knows the way.

When you truly surrender control, you will find the weight will lift, the sun will rise. And you shall emerge from the ashes of the old, like the Phoenix, with your strength renewed and your clarity focused.

You are shedding what is no longer necessary in order to create space for your light. Shine on, Dear Soul. This is your time to expand, to grow, to get big. It is through the darkness you find your light. Trust, let go, and allow the peace to wash over you. Be free.

Today's Meditation:

Find a quiet space. Get comfortable, relax, and be still. Let the stillness take over and soften into the moment.

Silently to yourself repeat the mantra: "I am free."

Speak these words over and over for as long as you can. Then say them out loud three times. Release the mantra and just be free!

Let go of it all, and know you are made from love, that there is only love. Let the power of love take you and enjoy the ride!