Two of Cups

The Two of Cups represents partnership and true love. It can signal the advent of a soulmate or an incredibly loving and supportive friend. Experienced readers often deem this a card of true love and a fated significant other.

Even if you may not personally believe in true love, this card does represent reciprocal emotional support and affection. Therefore if romance has been occupying your mind, this is an excellent card to have appear in your reading.

In the Rider Waite depiction, a male and a female join their cups together in partnership and equilibrium, signifying the willingness to forge an emotional bond. The male figure is shown in the attire of the Fool which is indicative of his curiosity to leap into the unknown without caution and see where this union takes him. The female figure appears to be dressed in a manner resembling the High Priestess, which hints at wisdom but also mysteries yet to be revealed. Thus we can intuit that both parties are taking a leap of faith and surrendering any preconceptions they may have in their pursuit of genuine love. It also shows that this is an attempt at a fresh emotional start for them both and that they will consign the spectres of failed relationships into distant memory.

Above the two figures is a chimera, a mythological creature reputed to have the ability to metamorphose, which reflects that through this partnership, both the male and female may be irrevocably changed. The helix-shaped wand below the chimera is said to be the caduceus of Mercury, which according to lore, has healing virtues. It can be deduced from this imagery that a partnership will be formed which will not only allow two individuals to transmute their past grief into strength, but also to heal and evolve in some way.

In a love reading the meaning of the Two of Cups is self-evident. Partnership, love, romance and all the good things which that entails is on the way. It indicates a relationship with a good balance of power with the potential to go the distance. When this card shows in a negative position, it can indicate that either one of you is emotionally blocked or not willing to invest in the partnership, or that there is a previous tie to a former lover which is hindering your progress with your significant person.

This card can also represent truces or reconciliation of some sort. If you have had a disagreement with your partner, the appearance of this card foretells that you will build bridges and overcome any grievances. To a lesser extent, it can also represent that you and your partner will marry.

In a work-related reading, the Two of Cups represents that you will forge significant friendships and alliances in your workplace. Depending on other factors, it can indicate finding your life partner at work. If this card is negatively aspected, it can suggest that you are far too conciliatory in your approach with colleagues and that you may be being taken advantage of.

Positive Aspect: true love, loving friendship, partnership, romance, reconciliation, alliances

Negative Aspect: lack of commitment, prior commitment, excessive people-pleasing, being taken advantage of