Two of Cups

The energy that is created when two are joined in a healthy manner is a unique and nourishing one. Such a union is very blissful and expansive. This joining can feel very safe, like a home-coming.

Often the Two of Cups represents marriage and partnership. However, this card can also represent the joining of two groups, two friends, a parent and human child, or a parent and animal child.

This card can represent a new union within such as one's relationship to the whole. It can mean that two opposing forces of self have found a harmonious way of working together. As a result of this harmony, deep peace permeates your experiences.

The enticement of a comfortable yet inspiring union can be very inviting. When it feels good, we might wish to discard the rest of our life so we can cocoon for a while. The problem with doing this is that inevitable challenges will occur after the honeymoon of being merged is complete.

As we remain good and true to all others and other aspects of our life, we remain capable of creating a healthy partnership. We have a basis of clarity and generosity to draw on when problems later appear. With this approach, we can appreciate the real gifts of a union without getting lost in hopes that one relationship can spare us of all life's difficulties.

The endorphins released with a new union are very intense. Enjoying this fleeting phase while preparing for more grounding days ahead is vital! Via attentive care of self and other, we prepare for a union that can last. Ask a lot of questions and share a lot of information. Grow with understanding rather than fantasy followed by disillusionment.

When you resist Two of Cups consciousness, you are heading for turbulence and tumbling in a partnership. Two parties do not understand each other's' needs and approaches. Disharmonic and mismatched relating is destined to occur. Are you sure you have a clear mutual understanding with the person, group, or aspect of yourself that you are tied too? Are you relating or projecting?

The Two of Cups indicates coupling which can feel like a very familiar reunion, a brand-new opening, or a combination of both.


What are questions I can ask of the “other" so as to maintain clarity in duality while feeling the euphoric merge? What can I share about myself so that the “other" knows me for who I truly am?


Feel the love while feeling the feet firmly planted on the ground.