Two of Cups

The Two of Cups speaks of emotional engagements.

These may be in the form of deep connections made with our lovers, friends, family, partners, or co-workers.

The kind of feeling you get when you feel truly bonded to someone else, these connections are complimentary as if two halves are coming together to form a perfect union.

It is important however to remember that we are not 'half' of anything, we are complete and we need to remain in our own energy and not abandon all and jump into someone else's.

This coming together is a new beginning and one filled with promise, hope and trust. There may be a prickling at the back of your neck at the freshness and vitality a new relationship brings you.

There is also a sense of vulnerability here – as if we have to remove a mask in order to tap into that promising union the Two of Cups represent.

All bets are off, we must be at our most exposed in order to reap the fullest benefit of this new connection with another or ourselves. On an esoteric level, this card is also symbolic of bringing together the dualistic nature of self into a harmonized whole.