Two of Cups

"You are always with yourself, so you may as well enjoy the company." - Diane von Furtesnberg

Element of water power: The Two of Cups suggest love and the ability to love yourself. Your receptiveness toward yourself prepares you to give yourself totally to someone else. A deep emotional exchange will be possible, a giving and receiving of overflowing love.

This card represents a happy unification in a harmonious manner.

The power of the Two of Cups suggests that all forms of relationships, be they with the self or with others, can be repaired and healed. It is equally important to realize that the most important relationship that one can have is with yourself. How you feel about yourself determines what you draw to you on your life path.

The sacred union of the heart displays in the way two come together, like the blooming of the lotus blossoms rising from out of the mud. The Two of Cups reminds me of the sacred spiritual union between the heart and the head as well, when there has been a long struggle to establish what works and what does not, when weighing up options and unifying thoughts to bring healing is the most important thing to do.

The cups are filled, and overflow, symbolizing the overflowing emotional riches present between the two parties involved. For those people who have not yet been able to manage the authentic sense of self-love, start with the overall feeling of what love means to you. Try to be conscious of your feelings toward yourself. Look at how you choose to describe yourself. Examine how you feel when dealing with other people. This insight will help you to be guided through the development of knowing how to start with self-love.

Try to see yourself and your actions without standing in judgment over them. We often obsess and judge ourselves because we perceive how we think others see us, when it is in reality our own projection of judgment for who we are. Loving ourselves allows us to be loved by others.

Thoughts are free and clear. Expect pure joy and the sense of renewal. Ask yourself in which surroundings you can now share your love. Pay attention to the love coming to you now. Remain open, and let it enter you and awaken your heart.

At times of Imbalance: We have a tendency to expect another person to make us happy, to fulfill what is missing or what we feel is not within us, "to fill that hole" or to "complete me". This expectation is not balanced or fair, and it then requires the other person to take responsibility for you, for your happiness and for your life. The success of a happy relationship depends on not judging yourself, being at peace with who you are, and to make peace with the odd fault here and there. Relax and be free in your relationships.

Medicine: Seen through the eyes of love, the world appears transformed. Be ready to experience love. There is nothing but enjoyment in what life offers right now.

Mantra: I am now ready to let love into my life.