Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups heralds a healthy and happy family. It indicates great blessings, joy, and fulfillment in your human and animal group.

Everyone involved has mutually created a family experience with positive attitudes, healthy communication and ongoing gratitude.

This happiness is created from a lot of carefully planned and carefully carried out work-play. Your family does a variety of this, so you receive the positive results.

Happy families make sure that each individual has their unique needs met. The following aspects of family life go a long way in meeting these needs: shared mealtimes with healthy food, comfortable and comforting shelter, good work-play, vacation time away from any work, lots of family time together, quiet time in nature, time with uplifting music, positive rituals, shared service-focused devotional jobs to benefit the entire family.

Healthy families acknowledge each other's strengths daily, forgive each other's weakness, and help each other with compassion. Happy families listen carefully to one another, acknowledging each other's needs with honor and respect.

The need to be heard carefully, to receive affection, to be complimented with words, to be supported with developing unique talents, to be given gifts, to be served food or other nourishment, all support a strong family experience. To be honored for individual perspective which can be in agreement or disagreement with other members, creates a family of valued individuals functioning well as a group.

Do you enjoy your family life? The positive sharing sets a joyous tone. The diligent communication work-play to get through hard times with authentic caring keeps the foundation dependable. The choice to refrain from blame but utilize inquiry to better understand one another, keeps bonds feeling good. All of the aforementioned creates healthy times between family members for the long run.

If you live alone, explore the dynamics you have with yourself. Are you being kind, loving, dependable, interested, and proactive in the many aspects of self care?

When the Ten of Cups consciousness has been rejected, the family is in sorrow or disarray. Communication is befuddled, with judgment and assumptions replacing mutual inquiry and respect. Group times based on positive ritual are not being created well. Many of the aspects of family life mentioned above are not considered valuable, so the structure lacks happiness-supporting tools. Time to make changes.

The Ten of Cups reminds us that our family is the basis of our life-experience.


List everything you appreciate about each of your family members. Gift each member a card with the list. If you live alone, apply this to your extended family and/or friends.


Send gratitude from your heart to each of your family members, living or passed over. If you like, include your friends.