Ten of Cups

"Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success." - Denis Waitley

Element of water power: The Ten of Cups indicates a blissful moment in time where you feel content, happy and emotionally satisfied. It's easy to be at one with the Universe when you feel this blessed. You are more readily able to make contact with the High Powers, and to experience their energies in your life. On this day ruled by the Ten of Cups, expect intuition to be heightened and make sure you give yourself the time to listen to it.

The Ten of Cups requires that you place yourself in a cocoon of silence to experience the perfect stillness of the Higher presence within you so you learn to touch base with this energy in this card. Doing this will help you to find the happy interlude. When you feel loved, you will also radiate love to others surrounding you. You do not have to do more complex things to establish this balance and happy satisfaction.

Days like this are rare enough. But when they come around, if you let the brightness inside your soul light you up from the inside, you gather strength on these days - strength that carries you forward through the challenges and storms that inevitably touch your life from time to time. The Nine of Cups urges you to strive to be peaceful and secure in your home environment too. Absorb, grow, rest and replenish; these are the important things to do on this day.

You have walked this path to find great clarity in your personal and interpersonal connections with people around you. This card also denotes the connection with regards to relationships and an expectation to achieve perfect contentment and happiness in the family.

Love, marriage, soulmates and the birth of children are all possibilities. A fulfilled person simply radiates this quality, and is recognized by the fruits they bear.

The Ten of Cups suggests an internal type of transformation from injury and unruly to decisiveness and the need to bring from the outer world the beauty which it holds deeply within. This energy does not require you to be dramatic in your demonstrations of emotion.

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your current situation.

At times of Imbalance: You may feel that you are not getting the attention that you have been seeking. Perhaps, you like the thought of having your desires more than you would enjoy living them. There is also the possibility that no one can ever meet your expectations. You want what you desire but you may not be satisfied with it if you get it.

Medicine: Allow things to develop by themselves. Everything comes to you at the right moment. Become satisfied with yourself now. Relax and meditate on a mental picture of fulfillment. Relax and let this picture become reality for you.

Mantra: Life gives me all that I need to be happy.