Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a pretty lovely card symbolizing reunions, innocence, soul mates, children and nostalgia.

Usually, when I get this card in a reading, it shows somebody coming back. But let's chat a little about soul mates and focusing on the past. These are two things that a lot of us focus on in our lives, sometimes in a way that might not be all that healthy.

A lot of times I'll get someone asking, “Who is my soul mate?" The thing is, we all have multiple soul mates in our life time, all of them bringing us lessons, if we allow ourselves to see them. Sometimes after we have had our hearts broken, it is too hard to try to locate the lesson. That's okay, because eventually a lesson will show itself, whether it's by you taking a new and better path in life, or adding a dimension to yourself, or leading you to meet your next, possibly for life partner. You will see a lesson!

A lot of us also get too caught up in the past. We either reminisce about good times so much that it keeps us from being in the present moment, and recognizing that we should be taking the time to create new memories for the future, or we dwell too much on a situation that we want to change, but now can't.

When we aren't knee deep in the next better chapter of our lives, it's easy to get caught up in negative cycles like that, thinking that if we continue mulling over whatever it is, we can still exert some form of control. But, we can't.

If you aren't quite ready yet to face what's next in the future, that's okay. Just try, right now, to forgive the situation from the past so you can be okay in the moment, today. Then, once you can breathe normally again, start thinking on what you might like to do in the future, or what you might not have done in the past, but can fix now and act out in the future.

As far as nostalgia goes, perhaps, meditate on some good times you've had with your friends and family, especially those who have passed. Maybe with those who have passed, take some time to do something that honors them today, like lighting a candle, making food they used to cook, writing down some of your memories.