Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups signifies confused emotions, a search for a utopia which may never be reached, delusional thinking, and a feeling of becoming overwhelmed because the array of possible choices is too great.

The Rider Waite deck shows a perplexed figure, with his back facing the querent, contemplating seven cups suspended on a cloud in front of him, each filled with a choice which may not offer the solution to his concerns. The cloud reflects that these choices are still in a state of flux: not one has been chosen and brought into material reality.

It also hints at, quite literally, clouded and unclear judgement.

When this card appears, a need for discernment is indicated. Look before you leap as all may not be what it seems and the choices before you need to be assessed with a cool and collected mindset.

One cup holds a dragon, representing greed as dragons are believed to hoard wealth in the mythology of many cultures. One holds a crown of laurel leaves which represents success and recognition and one is filled with jewels representing luxuries and wealth. One has a snake representing enemies but also the potential for healing. One has a castle representing property and material concerns while another has a carved head representing ego and vanity. The final cup contains a shrouded figure representing the great unknown and the possibility of a tempting, but illusory, offer.

In a love reading the Seven of Cups represents choices. It can reflect that the outcome of your relationship is highly dependent on the actions you choose to take from this point forwards. It can also indicate that you have excessively high expectations in a partnership and are always looking for the next best thing to sate you. Perhaps it indicates that you or your person of interest are keeping your options open since this card often shows when someone is “playing the field.”

In a work or career reading, the Seven of Cups symbolises having to make some difficult but significant choices regarding your career and not knowing which way to turn. This card speaks of being overwhelmed and confused by many options, all of which are tempting, and some which may be ill-advised.

Positive Aspects: many choices, a selection of tempting opportunities

Negative Aspects: infidelity, mental confusion, deceptive offers, search for utopia