Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups calls today with a message that the illusions are lifting; clear your focus and trust in the Divine. It reminds you that life has become a bit loose, but the scales are balancing out. You are required to find inspiration and to follow it.

Even though your possibilities are endless, NOW is the perfect time to rein in your imagination in order to concentrate on opening new doors. This Cup wants you to get really clear about what you want to do right now.

You have been moving through a barrage of feelings lately. You are unsure how to make sense of them all, unsure what to do with them all. The Seven of Cups is letting you know that you are healing, you are releasing what no longer serves and you are becoming clearer on your path.

The way is opening, you just need to take a step. It may seem as if you are stuck wading through all the options. You may feel you have too many choices and your heart just wants to make things simple.

Your heart knows the way. Keep it simple. The rest will come. Focus on the first thing in front of you right now that you want to do. Let go of obligations, of guilt and of feelings that you are supposed to do things a certain way. Open yourself up to finding a new way, your way. With this said, you must begin to take action and know that everything will fall into place; in fact, everything already is falling into place.

The Seven of Cups also calls on you to find order. You are too loose and there is disorganization. The scales were restoring balance from the tight chains that held you in the past. They are gone now; you are free. With your freedom, find order and get rid of the clutter. Get rid of everything that you no longer require. It is time to clean and organize your life. Doors are opening, veils are lifting, you are moving forward. So get up, my love, and move! Your heart knows the way. Trust that you are in good hands.

The Seven of Cups can speak of temptations. as well. This card requires that you do find balance and trust that such feelings will pass. You need not find comfort in food or drink; you need not numb the pain. You need only accept yourself for who you are right now. And remember, Love, you are perfect right now!

I know for me in times like this I tend to shrink up, escape the world, disappear inside my head. This card has reminded me that it is time to get up and get moving, to find my inspiration and set it ablaze! It feels like dream board time.

Today's Meditation:

Wash the dishes with mindfulness. Be aware of everything in the present and allow yourself to make the simple act of washing the dishes a meditation. Be aware of the warm water, be aware of your breathing, and be aware of how you feel. Try not to move into the past or the future. Stay Present!

And while you are at it, go ahead and clean the whole house. I will too.

And always remember, when a girl's gotta dance, a girl's gotta dance (guys too)!