Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is a card that symbolizes options, disarray, and delusional (or the nicer sounding term “wishful") thinking.

As far as options go, this card usually comes up to remind my client that there isn't just one path to take, but multiple paths. Perhaps you are wondering who your next partner will be. This Seven will say you will be dating several people before the more prominent person makes themselves known. The same applies to a search for new jobs.

It's always important to remind yourself that usually, if the one thing in front of your face doesn't feel right, you need to have faith and remember that, even though you can't see it yet, there is better to choose from.

Typically, when I pull this card though, it's because one of my clients is feeling scattered or delusional about a situation.

As far as being scattered, we live in a culture where if we don't remain on top of ourselves, we can easily get caught up in too many things. Then, our brain fractures, and we can't focus.

Maybe we spend too much time on social media. Maybe we spend too much time texting (especially multiple people at once). Maybe we just are overwhelmed by so many things that we don't know which way is up.

The Seven of Cups is a signal to take a step back, breathe, and allow yourself the time away from everything so you can refocus. Then you will have the fortitude to stick with what's most important, or to be able to have the clarity you need to continue with your day.

And as far as delusions go, this comes up often in relationship questions and sometimes in career questions as well.

With relationships, sometimes it's easy, especially early on, for someone to get a little ahead of themselves. This can also happen when someone's absent. We imagine too far ahead, or we create a narrative about what this person may be feeling that simply isn't true.

Try to make sure that in order to create balance, more for yourself than anyone else, that you look at the reality of a situation, so you can keep yourself intact. The more you lend yourself to use your imagination about someone, the less likely you will be able to create something real, either with them or with someone else.

So for today, if you find yourself having your head in the clouds about anything, try to acknowledge the truth of the situation. In the long run you will be setting yourself up to get something that is beautiful and you are deserving of and not be giving your energy to something or someone who will never be able to deliver your dream.