Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups indicates that you are alone in wisdom but not at all lonely!

Befriended by the heavens, you know the truths of manifestation and awakening both. You are keenly astute about pitfalls of which to be wary. You learned your lessons well and over many life times most likely.

You are now an orchestrator, creating your own reality.

You are like a painter with a pallet of many lovely colors. You love this. The heavens have opened up to you with supernatural gifts and wisdom. You now view everything in your unique way. Others may not understand but the light does!

From years of profoundly genuine spiritual inner work, that did not follow the norm nor utilize dogma, you have liberated yourself. Because you understand intricate laws of manifesting and awakening, you stay on task.

You understand your own capacities. You are able to orchestrate your life as a conductor as well as an orchestra! You feel like you are all parts of the music!

Few reach this stage so you may be seen as a bright light, someone who does things very uniquely, or even as an eccentric. However, while people sometimes question your beliefs and choices, they cannot help but notice the lofty yet grounded outcomes that continuously happen around you. Your outer world is as rich as your inner one.

If you go through times of aloneness, you always come out closer to others later. The way in which you have learned to navigate the mystery has not been painless, but has been full of deep satisfaction and bliss repeatedly.

Do you feel grateful and humbled by the mystery and it's many graces? Do you feel impelled to do good with all given to you? You have faithfully followed this urge for a long time. This has given you expertise and sacred wisdom that only a small percentage discover.

Continue to grow and expand as you play with your wonderful contributions to this world. The way you work with the inner and outer combined, creates realities that effect many you may never even meet. Your creations radiate out to people and animals far beyond the visible.

When you are unable to embrace the Seven of Cups consciousness, you are misusing your powers. Have you become manipulative, greedy, or power hungry? Have you gotten into showing off more than giving good? Re-evaluate where you started and where you are now.

It's fine to turn back to a path that is full of good ethics. As soon as you do you will feel much lighter, as though the light is once again carrying you!

The Seven of Cups is a master of truth, creation, and an awakening card, all at the same time. Duality and oneness together, incarnation's deepest gift.


What will you create now?


Give thanks to all that lead you here.