Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups appears to ask you to rise up, to connect to your highest Self and to trust in the wisdom of your heart.

This is a card of the sacred feminine, Mother Earth energy and unconditional love.

There is a Divine connection innate in us all, a direct link to insight, knowing and serenity. Your connection is getting clearer and you feel more grounded. You see the big picture and it looks bright.

The Queen of Cups wants to remind you that you have all of her attributes as well. Remember. There is a peacefulness that has filled you but you are worried that your clarity will disappear. She wants to assure you that you are united within, to your highest Self. Relax, all is well.

This Queen requires you trust in the intrinsic wisdom rising up from your heart. She demands you trust in love; she insists you believe in yourself. She is your reminder that you and love are one. When in doubt about anything simply ask the question, "what would love do?" Then, Darling, do that. Do not hesitate.

The answers will come to you; everything you need you have within. This is the sacred feminine energy of the Queen of Cups. The more you trust in this energy, the greater it will grow.

Your dreams are coming true little by little and the stress is becoming a thing of the past. You feel inspired. A fire burns inside of you - it's lighting the way. There is a knowing that arises for each next step. Tune into this knowledge, let your inspiration fuel the fire and keep on moving in the direction of your dreams.

The Queen of Cups is strongly aligned and attuned to Mother Earth, to her essence, to her unconditional support. You too are a child of the earth, as are we all. Stay grounded and in harmony with Gaia, Mother Earth energy. Know with all you are that you are safe, you are supported and you are surrounded by love.

There are many people in your life right now showing up to be a part of the change our world needs. Community and collaboration are key for you right now. You are the Queen, there is much to be done. Your inspiration offers insight and your intuition knows the way. Trust in yourself; it is time.

Today's Meditation:

Go to your sweet, sacred meditation space and step inside. Sit down in a chair, bare your feet and place them on the floor. Rest your hands on your legs and relax even more. Slow your breath down and soften it.

Bring all of your attention into your feet.

Begin to imagine you have roots extending out from your feet, through the floor and down into the earth. Imagine your roots moving through all of the layers of the earth.

There are four layers. Feel your roots move through the earth's strength, solidarity and creative fire. Feel your roots reach her center, the essence of Mother Earth energy at her purest, most powerful state. Connect your roots to the earth's center.

Feel all of her power, all of her unconditional support and unconditional love rise up into you. Feel it infuse you.

Be aware of how you feel. Open yourself to receive. Stay here for as long as you can.

When you are ready, withdraw your roots, and make a choice to carry this feeling with you for the rest of the day. Say "thank you" and enjoy the way you feel.