Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the card of a woman who leads with her emotion, and is usually warm, loving, tenderhearted, and intuitive.

If if this doesn't sound like you, she is asking you to become more nuanced and receptive in sensitive situations.

When people are going through hard times, sometimes they don't require advice or platitudes or unfit comparisons. They need an empathic ear, one that doesn't even have to say “I understand" but more “I hear you" and “you are not alone."

Sometimes we don't always know what to say anyway. Let's take the situation where we need to offer condolences. These situations make some people freeze up, but what is important to remember is that if you are in the position where you have to say something, sincerity alone is what counts, not saying the perfect thing.

In situations a little lighter, a warm attitude goes a long way in someone else's day. Don't wait for others to smile at you. Don't wait for others to say hello.

You never know how much your hello or your smile can mean to someone else. You never know how that can be a checkpoint for them to remember that there are people and things that are good in this world.