Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the quintessential feminine love.

She is the Divine Mother. She is compassionate and nurturing. She can compost any level of grief and sorrow into love within her heart and yours. She is an aspect of consciousness available to us all.

When the Queen appears, we are possibly moving into a deep union with the Divine Mother within our self. Or we are being befriended by a human or angel who brings us very genuine love and care.

This Queen is more of a deity than a human. She is an aspect of life that can be tuned into at any time. Aspects of her divinity come through humans and the unconditional-loving animals.

This card tells you that her powerful energy is in your heart or the heart of one close to you. This energy creates an openness, a fullness and an overwhelming filling of love all at once.

By trusting the energy, and never expecting perfection from self or others, you gain great nourishment, expansion and understanding, momentum out of any repressed feelings of unconditional love. This can bring about an outpouring of many emotions which all feel acceptable and heart-opening in the Divine Mother's energy.

Life is created in motion and sound, often compressed into boxes by society. Divine-Mother care unveils all wounds, casts love back into the air, and makes the music of life rich with good nourishment.

The Queen of Cups is an always available aspect of consciousness that we can find within our soul. Being around another who is tapping into this aspect can be very nourishing. We benefit by osmosis. The experience of this Divine Mother energy is the source of profound awakening. Some find it when near the dolphins, whales, or a beloved animal friend.

Do you feel an overwhelming unconditional love sweeping through your cells? This is the Divine Mother consciousness. This energy can rebalance the planet with profound unconditional love and acceptance.

In this kind of Lemurian energy we can become deeply accepting of one another. We can value the essential flavor and contribution each one is. We can gather to share and inspire instead of agree or disagree. We can evolve into a society that is fulfilled by each person's own existence.

When we reject the Queen's path, we are rejecting the feminine nature of ourselves. We are blocking our awakening and healing because we are blocking unconditional love. The available waterfall is damned up.

When the Queen of Cups is in your life, deep non-attached generous fulfillment is your experience or the experience of a prominent female close to you. Either way, you are blessed.


What is the benefit of opening heart to the Divine Mother flow of unconditional love?


Meditate on the unconditional love as it embraces, transforms, and bathes your heart.