Queen of Cups

“Follow your intuition. Be smart, be brave, tell the truth. And don’t take any nonsense.” - Kelly Cutrone

Elements of Water Power: The Queen of Cups rules the emotional realm. She has the power to withstand the ebb and the flow of the ocean. Withstanding external influences while remaining centered is the power of this water element. The strength of the Queen of Cups stems from her deep connection with her unconscious feelings.

Water symbolically reflects unconscious feelings, which are also called subconscious energy. There is great power in mastering deep feelings by allowing yourself to acknowledge these deeper feelings through compassion, caring and sensitivity. This is the natural flow of the energy of Emotional Self-Nurturing.

It is important that you look at what you are feeling with an objective view, just like the Queen of Cups holds out the cup gazing at it, but without judgement.

You may find yourself alone, just like the queen sits by herself. This is the time to think, allowing the calmness or inner stillness to reveal to you the deep part of your mind and heart. The water does not touch the Queen's feet. All she allows herself to do is to silently gaze and trust that she can resolve these inner feelings.

It is important to find inner calmness, as this reflects serenity. Find a place and a time to do this inner reflection. Meditation is also called for in this way, as is dream healing.

Focus on connecting with people on an emotional level. They will enjoy your honesty and fairness. The appearance of the Queen of Cups in a reading can be guiding you to find help from others. Most times, like the other queens, this help is a female figure who will come into your life. The Queen of Cups has an intuition which is very powerful.

Pay attention to your Intuitive feelings, and look at what the Queen of Cups reflects to you through others, or through your actions, but do not become emotionally entangled. The world reflects an ocean full of mystery and guidance. Trust and practice Self Mastery over your feelings, by knowing who you are.

The Queen of Cups also represents Empathy and Emotional Transference. Learn to differentiate between your personal feelings and those of others. If you are feeling emotions that do not belong to you, this is called Empathic Transference. The only way to work through this is to step back and to take a deep breath, center yourself, remind yourself of who you are. Empathic Transference often throws you off balance if you have not mastered personal and spiritual identity.

Trust in your inner voice and take the time to focus on your emotional health before trying to help others.

At times of Imbalance: You may not be in sync with your emotions. You may feel restricted in expressing your true feelings. Sometimes you may experience a bottling up of your emotions, which may lead to damaging your personal trust or Intuition.

You may have high levels of stress that you are not able to cope with anymore. The Queen of Cups can also reflect that your mind is wandering too far, and you are letting your imagination run away with itself. While you still mean well, take a pause to really see whether your emotions can be trusted, because you are allowing them to control you. You need to take some time to think if these dreams can be turned into reality. Try to be more emotionally stable during these times, so you will know when your emotions are getting the best of you.

Medicine: Self-love creates compassion. Acknowledge that you may be seen as the emotional rock that serves as an anchor or you may be here to help teach and support others using your intuition instead of logic. Think with your heart instead of your mind. Work on the balance of common sense and intuition; this is the ideal path to maintain.

Mantra: I feel and know I am guided, always.