Page of Cups

The Page of Cups reminds you to see joy in everything! It represents youthfulness, love, intuition, creativity and following your heart. It speaks of romance and new beginnings: new relationships; how you choose to use emotions in your life; moving into a new understanding of how to interact with others, especially someone close to you.

When this Page shows up on your path, be prepared to be filled with inspiration and fire! Your dreams are moving into your reality.

The Page of Cups calls forth playfulness, a sense of wonder, reminding you to find joy in everything you do. You can do this by remaining present, by taking in all life has to offer in this moment. Let go of the past and do your best not to worry about the future. When you align yourself in this moment, when you are who you truly are in this moment, then everything else works itself out. Stay on path, be focused, and know that all of it is taking you to your greatest good.

This card shows up as your sign to follow the guidance of your heart. It requires you to really tune in and turn up your inner voice. Your intuition is getting louder. This is a moment of truth for you. You may feel scared and filled with doubt. Step back and be still. Allow the light inside your heart to take over. Allow all the fear to dissolve so you can go where you are meant to go. You know the way!

When you take that first step, the flood gates burst open. You will feel the creativity come alive in you, and your fire will burn bright, strong, and true! This is the real you, this is what you came here for, remember? Have fun with it and enjoy every step.

The Page of Cups also refers to romance. The love you have been calling in is here, now, right now! Be open, allow it in. This is the moment you have been waiting for, this is your time to be true to you, to honor yourself, to love yourself - all in the presence of another human being. This card speaks of falling in love, of being swept off your feet!

Yay! It's time, you are ready. You know who you are and that being true to yourself also allows you to honor someone else too. This is so exciting. This is where it gets really good, all kinds of yummy and delicious. Get excited!

All your hard work, all your healing has been to bring you to this moment right now! See the beauty in right now, find the joy, be free of all limitations, and be ecstatic. You are abundance, bliss and love, all wrapped up in this creative life force. Play big, open your heart let the love pour in!

Today's Meditation:

Move into a relaxed space, connect with your breath. Close your eyes and ask yourself, "What do I want?"

Ask it over and over for about 1-3 minutes (set a timer if you like, but do not watch a clock). Do not answer the question, just keep asking it.

Then out loud say, "I release all blocks and fear that stand in my way!"

Big breath in, big sigh out! Then practice being still and just listen for 10-20 minutes. Then you may want to take some time to write down in a journal what you experienced!