Page of Cups

Page of Cups is a little card that sometimes symbolizes crushes on others, immaturity, or small loving messages. When I pull it though, it's to signal to my client that they need to take a moment to think through their emotions a bit.

Here you've got a man staring at a fish in a cup. The fish symbolizes emotions. Sometimes turning inward can get detrimental, but sometimes we don't give ourselves enough time to think through our emotions and our needs.

For instance, oft time we get caught up in having a crush on someone thinking it might be love, when really it's infatuation. Knowing the distinction between the two makes all the difference in the world with our actions, and with what can be expected in the future.

Also, sometimes when you overreact about something, there may be something hidden inside of you that might be the reason why you react the way you do. Perhaps it's something from your past, something that hurt you, something that made you feel like you needed to be on guard.

Regardless of what it is, it might be that some inner feeling caused you to react that really has nothing to do with the circumstance that brought out the reaction.

Journaling is a wonderful tool to help keep on top of your thoughts. The more you write down what is going through your mind, or give yourself time to think through things, especially if you start out in a haze of anger, or fear, the quicker you can get to the root of what is happening. Then you will be able to calmly look at circumstances in a more observant, rather than reactive, manner.

So, if you are in a situation right now where you feel cloudy, or too angry, or too fearful, or just merely blocked, take a seat and examine yourself for a little bit. Don't fear what you'll find, because when you mine stuff, you are much more able to let things go, and get to what you need to empower yourself to move forward.