Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups showers you with happiness today. It replies to your every request with a big YES!

It speaks to the beauty of your experiences, positive energies and contentment.

It is a card of attainment and satisfaction and shows that your wishes are all coming true.

Your efforts, intentions and trust are paying off with exceptional rewards. Life is good.

Step outside of the box and allow yourself to see the big picture. In this big picture all of the pieces are landing in their proper place. In truth, there is no box.

You are feeling the limitations disappear, the doors open and balance being restored. You have been set free from the attachment to what others want you to be, and you truly trust in who you know you are meant to be.

You have been working very passionately to set up your life the way you want it and all of your intentions are solidifying. Life is sweet and you are creating stability, sustainability and success. Take a moment and look around, see all you have done, say thank you, and enjoy the way it feels.

Whatever your question is, the Nine of Cups gives a positive answer. If your question is regarding love, the answer is yes, they feel what you feel. If your question is about your career, yes it is time to make the change. Yes, it is time to expand. Yes, it is time to do what you love and love what you do. Yes, yes, yes.

This card is about true fulfillment in your soul. It is about stepping into your highest Self on every level and savoring the deliciousness of life with all you are. Can you taste how sweet it is?

Gentle reminders: Stay clear and focused. Hold gratitude in your heart. Stay motivated and enthusiastic. The future is bright, my love. Get your sunglasses ready!

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet, sacred space. Sit or lie down, keep your spine as neutral as possible. Be comfortable.

Silently repeat the affirmation "Thank You" over and over for as long as you can.

Let all the people, places, things you are grateful for flood your thoughts. Let gratitude fill you and when you release the affirmation, just be still for as long as you can and enjoy the way you feel!