Nine of Cups

Yahoo! Yes! Yeah! The Nine of Cups tells you that you have fulfilled wishes of every kind. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor!

You most likely have love, wellness, and prosperity in place after some very challenging times. You were relentless in staying true to your desires. You were tenacious in creating good in all you set out to build. Your dreams now thrive in many ways. Others who are close to you can see the effects of your ongoing focus. This inspires them.

This card indicates a time to enjoy, relax, and give great thanks for all you have endured, committed to, and accomplished. Now is the time to take a deep breath and soak it all in. You worked and played internally and externally on many levels to be here. Take some time to care for yourself.

Of course, life rolls along. You will have to continue to tend to all you have built. You will do this well and with great warmth. You are fond of all given to you because it did not come easily. The hardships you endured and the many maneuvers of learning you encountered make these gifts well deserved.

You certainly did not have anything handed to you on a gold platter! Those who call you lucky are very cloudy-eyed. Yet you forgive. Your friends and family are overjoyed, knowing how much you worked and for how many years. This is all yours for good reason.

Your generosity is long-lasting. No need to worry that taking some time to feel good about yourself and what you have obtained will interrupt that propensity, especially since you built your success on generosity. But a little pause at times just to lie in a hammock and thank the stars is good!

Consider this life's faith in you. Figure out how you would like to share now. How would you like to contribute?

The Nine of Cups is a completion phase. Completion of many lifelong endeavors has come in the best of ways!


List all you are thankful for.


Breathe in the satisfaction with gratitude!