Nine of Cups

"I think self-discovery is the greatest achievement in life, because once you discover yourself and accept what you are, then you can fulfill your true potential and be happy." - Marco Pierre White

Element of water power: On a day which is ruled by the Nine of Cups, we need to open ourselves to the infinite blessings of the Universe. We will be surrounded by a potential for warm, happy, loving energy. At its highest level, this card reminds us of the completely inexhaustible supply of love that flows continuously around us, and tells us to simply step forward and enjoy!

The Nine of Cups symbolizes the finding of self-satisfaction. The emotional journey comes to a close after the volatile ups and downs you have faced before. You have tasted what life offers, and you have left comfort in order to find greater heights. Here, you have found them, and you are indulging yourself as you celebrate this new stage of your life.

When we look at the Nine of Cups, it can initially seem like one of the most pleasant cards that may appear during a reading. This is also referred as the wish card, which means that the things that you desire for, or your most perfect dream is bound to happen. The Nine of Cups is normally associated with extreme happiness and satisfaction.

We can do with with an open heart and expect many happy things to transpire. It is important to note that if you have also asked about relationships to run smoothly, that this card can signify the process for you. Nothing is hidden from you now, you are literally able to see everything.

The Nine of Cups may represents a sense of luck, especially if you have gone the extra mile and that sound choices have been made to bring you more positivity in your path forward. Whatever you have been working towards will be in sight. Remember, however, that getting what you want is only half of the story. If you wish to keep your happiness, you must work to sustain it. Good things come to those who keep at it.

Another aspect of the Nine of Cups is denoting that you now have time to take stock of the many blessings in your life. Be grateful for each and every positive twist and turn that you have gone through, and this will ensure that you are well within the abundance of the universe. Beauty springs up in the most unexpected places. Radiance and wonder abound in this world of ours.

There may have been pain in your past, but it must be seen as the change that has come to you after a long ordeal, because you have battled your shadow side. The Nine of Cups indicates a reward after a great deal of energy that was expressed. This card represents the depth of the spiritual insight that you have been looking for as well.

Cups are noted as the sacred containers for the soul and the energy that you place in them to serve you throughout your journey. The Nine of Cups suggests that you look inward, to see the deeper gifts that you are already blessed with. Have the willingness to look without reservation and to see where the light truly comes from. This light comes as hope to you, to help you feel hopeful and happy once again.

On this day of happiness, look for something perfect; seek till you discover something beautiful; contemplate until you find something to be grateful for. And having done those things, draw that beauty, that perfection, that gratitude inside you. And live the rest of the day in accordance with what you have discovered. You'll make miracles!

At times of Imbalance: You may place too much focus on success, you may seek status. You may crave the high life but you don’t want to do the hard work which is required to achieve the things you want. You may want a quick fix. However, even in this position the Nine of Cups will still remind you how to obtain that success or acquire your heart's desire.

Medicine: It is important to realize that you must maintain balance throughout this time. It is suggested that you find solitude and to breath deeply with the focus on being at peace by saying the mantra supplied here.

Mantra: Happiness is my natural condition.