Knight of Cups

Additional deck interpretation:

The Knight of Cups points you towards a path of exploring your role as a romantic dreamer while you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change when a transformation occurs in how you experience and deal with beginnings, endings and indecision concerning love, romantic interludes, following your dreams and using your intuition as a guide.

The Knight of Cups can refer to a person, an event, or a part of yourself. New people (perhaps a romantic interest) and new experiences may suddenly appear in your life. On an inner level, a dormant facet of yourself may become activated to enable you to realize your impossible dream, so your romantic feelings might be surging.

This Knight is constantly on the move and follows his intuition to live dreams. He lets his dreams dominate him and is usually pulled in two different directions. Since he knows that if he commits to someone or something he might miss experiencing his impossible dream, he is often unsure about the direction he needs to take.

Do not be fooled by his kindness. He is passionate, the "Romeo of all the Knights" and is also associated with transformation. Just be careful when dealing with this one!

When this most complicated knight in the tarot comes out in your reading, make sure you pull a crossing card to understand his intentions. If he is crossed by the Hermit, beware: all is not what it seems and he might have hidden intentions. You might end up in a sex with benefits relationship with no commitment. But if the Two of Cups crosses him, he has found "the one" and is living the impossible dream.

Numerical Number 12: This is the number of an educational process, or the time to shed old habits and start new experiences to achieve knowledge, wisdom and realize a dream.

This Knight's number 12 indicates: 1 (a new beginning) + 2 (in a waiting period to make a decision) = 3 (rebirth and creating something new after you make the right decision).

The Element of Water: This card is associated with the elemental water qualities of the planet Neptune (spiritual awakener pushing you to live the impossible dream) and the zodiac sign of Pisces. This combination awakens your intuition and heart and brings you into a change to transform your life.

Probable Outcome: You might be turning your dreams inwards and living in your fantasies instead of taking action to make your dreams come true.

Or you might feel lost trying to live the impossible dream, spinning your wheels and meeting the wrong people and experiencing new beginnings and endings.

You might receive an invitation to attend a social event, holiday with friends, engagement party, wedding, or go out on a date.

If you are in a relationship, you might need your space because you do not want to feel pressured to give someone a commitment, or the person you are in a relationship with might need their space and cannot give you a commitment.

You might be falling out of love, or you might break a commitment, or end an engagement.

You might experience an unexpected ending in the form of a "Dear John or Dear Jane" event.

Possible Outcome: You might receive an invitation to attend a social event, holiday with friends, engagement party, wedding, and meet someone interesting, or you might go out on a date.

You might fall in love and commit to someone, or receive a commitment, or receive a marriage proposal.

Then again, you may be unable to channel the energies of the The Knight of Cups into your life. If this is the case, you probably feel inspired to turn your dreams outwards and take action on them.

Or you have realized that you were looking for love in the wrong places and have decided to change your direction.

Timing: The Knight of Cups predicts an important event when intuition and emotions are turned into action. This event may occur in 1-12 days.