Knight of Cups

When the Knight of Cups appears in a reading, be aware that this is the card which represents the incorrigible romantic, the Don Quixote of the Tarot, who is forever searching for that perfect “one” to complete his life and bring his fantasies into full colour reality. Like Don Quixote, The Knight of Cups is a somewhat mercurial character, in a sense in love with the idea of love, but can recoil and retreat when the harsh light of reality pierces his reveries.

In the Rider Waite Deck, the Knight of Cups has his cup outstretched in a seemingly aimless manner, signifying that he is very much in search of attention and is not much concerned about where or from whom it comes. Furthermore, this cup appears to be empty which can be interpreted as showing an individual who expects others to put in the emotional grunt work of a relationship but does not have the integrity to reciprocate the effort.

The horse he rides has one hoof firmly on the ground and one raised, hinting at the rider's ambivalence at fully committing to something or someone. The wings on his helmet notify the querent that this knight's office is to bring news like the messenger Hermes of Greek mythology.

With respect to a love reading, this card can be a warning that your admirer, even though brimming with passion, may well be the unreliable sort. Although full of plans and far-fetched dreams, he is without the tenacity to bring them to fruition.

In an established relationship The Knight of Cups is a warning that your partner is beginning to get “itchy feet” and may be in search of new romantic experiences or, alternatively, that they have a cavalier and immature attitude towards your partnership. If the knight is followed by a card such as The Hierophant or Ten of Cups, this indicates that your partner has intentions of settling down with you.

In terms of work or business, this card can show that either you are looking for opportunities or that new opportunities will soon be made available to you to advance. When you are looking at the attitude of a prospective employer, be advised that they are not easily pleased and may pick at what they see as faults in you.

More generally, The Knight of Cups alerts you to invitations, social gatherings, opportunity, and creative work.

Key Words: charming, sociable, romantic, fickle, unrealistic, delusional, idealistic