Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is gallant and playful and speaks of love, adventure and the path opening in a new direction.

He rides in with a message for you - "Seek your truth!"

Stay on path, but be open to any and all new opportunities.

Life is starting to feel a little less tight and you are finding more room to play, so keep doing what you are doing.

Things have shifted in your work and you discover yourself meeting new people. Being social is not always easy for you, but right now it feels natural and you are living it. The Knight of Cups is here to affirm that this new direction is a good fit for you. You can trust the people around you, you can be yourself.

You are being asked to open to all that is coming and to allow your truth to lead the way. Your truth is clearer now and you feel an awareness that you have not felt before. Life is good and you know, maybe for the first time, that it is supposed to be good. You have remembered that you are worthy and that you deserve a sweet life. Enjoy it.

This card speaks to love as well as truth. New love, exciting love and lasting love is headed your way. You have been closed off for a long time but everything is changing. You are ready, and you feel alive. Be open to love, trust you are safe and have fun!

Stay playful in all areas of your life; playfulness will help take you where you want to go. Life is meant to be lived, it is meant to be fulfilling and joyful. It is time for your life to be filled with love. Savor it, be grateful and stay true to you.

Today's Meditation:

Find your sweet space and step inside. Light a candle, burn some incense. Turn off your phone. Sit down with your back against the wall or lie comfortably. The key is to keep your spine nuetral and to be comfortable.

Relax and bring all of your attention into your breath. Soften and let go of everything. Move deep into this moment, let go of everything else.

Begin to inhale peace and exhale love. Silently say to yourself with your inhales, "I inhale peace." And with your exhales, "I exhale love."

Do this for as long as you can. Set a timer if that helps. If your thoughts begin to drift (and they probably will) just gently bring yourself back to your breath. Inhale peace, exhale love.

When you are ready, release your mantra and just be still for as long as you can. Be aware of how you feel.