Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups arrives with a message or a gift for you. Sometimes the gift is the Knight is himself! He may be a beloved spouse, human child, or animal child who is joining your life.

Whatever the Knight brings leads only to the enrichment and betterment of your world. He brings fresh air, inviting you to breathe in life's glorious gifts. He brings new thoughts, feelings, and opportunities in which your old anxieties are able to be put to rest.

This Knight comes to generate a new positive beginning for you. Perhaps he is the one who calls you with a job offer, or the unexpected person next to you in the grocery line who turns out to be the love of your life! He may be an animal-beloved that chooses you.

When the Knight of Cups appears, something feels fully right! It is as though you took a swim in very clean water or a walk in very clean air. Something feels so deeply good and trustworthy when he appears. It is. He brings real and lasting change that is as good as it gets and good as it appears.

When he arrives, the Knight may be bringing good news itself. Perhaps you won a long drawn-out court case. Maybe you are being gifted a surprise sum of money. Perhaps your husband sent a Valentine with the key to your dream house in the envelope!

Maybe your child made you dinner, which touched your heart and was good news in itself. Maybe your animal friend brought you a ball to play with as a gift of love. The little messages of pure love can also be profoundly important Knight of Cups gifts.

Sometimes the Knight comes to encourage. You can do it. Somebody reminds you of your innate worth, wonderful skill, or valuable qualities.

Shower the Knight with the gratitude he deserves. It's good for both of you. He gives without a second thought and is just as happy to receive. He embraces all love and hugs with glee.

If you have not absorbed the Knight of Cups energy, don't trust the person who shows up with "too good to be true" offers, contracts, opportunities, or love. In this case, your heart roils with feelings that something is very wrong here. Trust your heart. Send that sham Knight away.

The Knight of Cups is a message or occurrence of good news, the harbinger of fortuitous events.


Think about how fortunate you are right now. If the Knight has yet to come, think about this anyway. These thoughts will attract the Knight soon to arrive.


Focus on how full and good life is and can be again and again.