Knight of Cups

If you are lucky enough to have received the Knight of Cups then be on the look out for someone from your past re-entering your life.

This card comes up when an ex is about to reappear, and they are usually a very welcome sight to behold.

It could be someone from your recent or distant pass so don't be surprised if you receive an unexpected call from a blast from the past.

He usually comes back into your life full of charm. There's a good chance that any grievance you had with him will be quickly laid to rest. This guy is on his best behaviour, it will be up to you to lay down the foundations of what you want while he is in this mood.

Take some time out for yourself and revisit a past relationship. Where did it go wrong? Where was it going well? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself so you have a ground plan of what you want to happen next. Do not allow for things to just flow along willy-nilly, as it may have been this that caused the problems you experienced in the past in the first place.

Of course it takes two to reach an agreement within any relationship. With the Knight of Cups that agreement can be reached quickly and amicably.

Go over in your own mind where you wish this relationship to be heading. Because right now, you are the one with the power.