Knight of Cups

“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” - Dr. Seuss, Author/Poet

Element of water power: The Knight of Cups represents water or emotions expressed through intuition and being in touch with the Inner Self in a balanced manner. The water power represents a masculine and feminine energy, meaning that there is balance between creativity and the receptivity.

When faced with having to make decisions, the Knight of Cups requires you to listen to your heart, regardless of whether the circumstances are logical or not.

The Knight not only represents a person, but also a manifestation or reflection of your life, a snapshot of where you are in your life right now. Be open to receiving the message from your Higher Self. Acknowledge the invitation of something or someone which is going to have a certain emotional benefit or impact on your life. How you respond to it determines your path forward.

The Knight also suggests that you surrender to your loved ones now. Learn to express and to feel what it means to give without expectations.

Focus on seeing yourself as a knight. See yourself charged with wearing his suit of armor. It is a magical suit so bring it outward into the world, especially when you are undertaking projects with significant emotional or creative energy attached to them.

At Times of Imbalance: You may allow your emotions to control your life a lot more than you should. You might also feel overly jealous or insecure. In fact, you may feel incapacitated and therefore cannot take action. Overreaction or jumping to conclusions too fast and making judgments without having the necessary information may also happen.

Medicine: You are reminded that you connect with your inner beauty while creatively expressing yourself throughout your day and with those that you come in contact with. Allow yourself to feel that you strive toward personal perfection. You may yearn for intensive change with those of like mindedness. Ask yourself, "How can I enrich my relationships?"

Also seek your true family, the community in which you feel at home. There you will find the quality of communication you long for.

Mantra: I feel connected to my mind, body and soul, and I express with love.