King of Cups

Additional deck interpretation:

The King of Cups points you towards a path of giving, receiving and practicing sound advice as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change when wise counsel needs to be used to make effective decisions in all aspects of life - whether they concern enemies, relationships, challenges, beginnings, endings, or helping others with various problems.

The King of Cups can refer to a person, an event, or a part of yourself that needs to be activated so you can reach out for sound advice, give sound advice, deal with an open enemy, overcome a challenge, or help someone else with their problems.

This King always takes a good look to see what is going on around him so he can feel safe and secure in his environment. He may have a situation from the past that has made its way into his present which sometimes causes him to travel down memory lane or get mired in nostalgia while thinking about by-gone days.

He may also have emotional baggage and chaos that he carries around with him. He needs to do some inner work so he can stay on track and remain composed by keeping his emotions in check, not allowing them to come out and explode at others.

The King of Cups could be a bachelor, a ladies' man with a secret agenda, or he might be married with a family. He could even be someone who is dedicated to his career, that of of helping others.

He could have a personal problem that he is not willing to talk about. He might be a drinker or someone who will not commit to you, or someone who is flooded with the memories of the past and needs professional help.

You need to pull a crossing card to understand the King of Cups energies. When the example cards below cross the King, you are getting a heads up that something is going on that is hidden from you.

If the Hermit crosses the King, he walks alone and will not commit to you, or has a hidden agenda, or he might need professional help. A crossing Moon suggests that when something does not feel right, it probably is not right. The Seven of Swords indicates someone who is clever and crafty and might pull the wool over your eyes whereas the Page of Swords warns that you need eyes in back of your head, should pay attention to what is going on, or you might need to look at your lover's text, phone, email messages.

Numerical Number 14: This number indicates the time of independence, motivation and initiation, but also the time to modify and temper experimental emotional behavior to achieve success and growth.

The Element of Water: The King of Cups is associated with the elemental water qualities of the Moon (the keeper of secrets and intuitive powers) and the zodiac sign of Cancer. The combination of the Moon in Cancer makes you connect with your intuitive powers.

Probable Outcome: You are open to expressing how you feel but in order to protect yourself you might not reveal all of your emotions.

You checked in with your inner counsel (the higher-self) and made a decision as to what your next step will be.

You might activate a previously dormant part of yourself so you can reach out to an authority figure, mediator, counselor, doctor, priest, businessman, father, family member, potential lover, or a friend. Or perhaps one of the above might reach out to you.

Something might be going on behind the scenes concerning an open enemy, or you might need to overcome a challenge.

Possible Outcome: You might need to activate a part of yourself (some facet that has been dormant), but this will be hard for you to do. You do not want to open yourself up to being vulnerable to others.

You cannot express the way you feel because you feel safer not expressing your true feelings. You are not ready to reach out to others for help.

You might be dealing with an open enemy because something has come to a head, or you might need to overcome a challenge.

You may still be mired in the past, or you are holding back because you don't want to check in with your inner counsel (the higher-self) to make a decision.

Then again, you may be unable to channel the energies of the King of Cups into your life. If this is the case, you might have a personal problem that you are not willing to talk about such as a drinking problem or a commitment problem. You may feel safer going it alone, or you are committed to your work and there is no room in your life for a personal relationship.

Timing: The King of Cups is related to an important event when intuition and emotions are turned inwards, then turned into action. This event may occur in the next weeks or months to come.