King of Cups

The King of Cups is the card for today!

He represents wisdom, clarity, and control of one's feelings and emotions. He is fluid and goes with the flow of life. He does not allow the stress or chaos of the external world to rattle his inner peace.

This King is a smooth operator in that he acts inside of love and compassion and has grace and confidence without being arrogant. Although he holds strength and power, he dispenses it all with love.

The King of Cups is present to the power of this moment and releases the past and future. He is a creator and lives in the vibration of the law of attraction. He focuses his thoughts with mindfulness and shapes his reality accordingly. His spiritual path is his main objective and he allows everything else to fall into place.

This King finds rhythm and synchronicity in the wonder that is life, enjoys the ride and spreads his joy along the way. He uses masculine energy to take action now and does not waste time procrastinating; he helps others whenever and wherever he can.

There are several reasons the King of Cups showed up today; he is reminding you to hold his vibration and to remember that by holding yourself to this light, you will draw in this light as well. If are asking about love and soul mates, he is letting you know the past is in the past. Let go. The present is here and it is rising up to meet you. Are you ready?

The universe heard you loud and clear and is now sending you the love you have called out for. This person is true, strong, gentle and sincere and has all the qualities you have been looking for. You will know when they show up - your soul will tell you.

Believe in the power of love, believe in the power of the Divine, believe in your King, and most importantly believe in yourself. You deserve this. You have not settled because you knew this was coming. The time is now. Create the space and your love will come!

He reminds you to keep your thoughts focused only on what you want; let go of the rest. Remember that you are in charge of your feelings and emotions, not the other way around. Breathe in peace, harmony, love, life; breathe out peace, harmony, love, life. You are on path!

Today's Meditation:

Sit comfortably and relax.

Silently say to yourself, "I want for you what you want for you!"

Say it over and over for 10-20 minutes. Allow the vibration to fill your body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy this part; it is delicious!