King of Cups

The King of Cups is somewhat like the Buddha. He is fully aware of duality. He knows his virtues and his vices.

Unencumbered anymore by anything, he sits calmly in the neutral eternity of the light. His awareness of duality and individuality within Oneness experienced is his consciousness-place of home.

The King of Cups is the Divine Pa.

Like that of the Divine Ma, this aspect of consciousness is available to any of us at any time right through our own heart.

We may be receiving the Divine Pa blessings via a person in our life. He brings gently, well-used power, patience, kindness, benevolence, love without agenda to us.

It is valuable to refrain from locking any person into this role. The responsible and realistic route is to give thanks for ways in which these roles can appear in anyone at any time. Cultivate the qualities of this consciousness through how we practice living life. Meditation is a very effective way to garner this energy. Service is also.

For those who enjoy prayer, prayer is too. It is suggested that prayer be created in this form: I give thanks for _____________ (as though what you wish for has already occurred). Thank you ____.

When we feel powerless and unable to be the one to hold the Divine Pa energy, we cling to a religion, spiritual ideal doctrine, or teacher. We falsely believe this teacher or teaching is the Divine Pa Perfected. This belief leads to disillusionment eventually.

We need to be responsible for our own lives. A teacher or teaching that offers inspiration can be supportive. However, each person has a unique path to be discovered via one's own heart. Use others' feedback to help. Make your own choices. Trust yourself.

When you cannot find the King of Cups aspect of yourself, you are afraid to be as good as you can be. You shirk from your powerful humanitarian traits for fear of sticking out, gaining responsibility, and falling short of the impossible perfection. It is good to look at what is scaring you so that you can utilize all the good coming to you for self and others! Consider working this out now.

The King of Cups generates kindness, care, considerateness, and thoughtfulness. Your well-being is what matters to him. He is divine father love.


How might I offer support to those closest to me with no expectation of getting anything back?

NOTE: This is an exercise to use as an experiment. This is not recommended as a way of life as we all need to give and receive. This is an exercise to do sometimes, perhaps once a week or every day for one month. See what you find out from this.


Feel the unshakable contentment that is in the heart. This is forever available, fully unrelated to the coming and going preferred and non-preferred circumstances of life's weather. Namaste.